My mandate to my clients is to give them more than  beautiful photos that they will love. I want to contribute to the overall enjoyment of their experience by working with them collaboratively to understand their unique needs and ideas. I strive to provide a personalized experience by offering my services in a fun, relaxed, and professional manner. By creating a rapport with my clients, it will allow them to feel more at ease and natural in their photographs. We will be creating pieces of art that they will treasure.



10 things about Me

I have a minor, okay major addiction to gummy candies.
My kids are hilarious human beings that make me belly laugh daily.
I give so much in my body combat class it makes me cry.
I’ve been married for 16 years and still love hanging out with my husband.
My favorite album ever is Purple Rain.
I got my first camera for Christmas 20 years ago.
On very special occasions my family, actually just my sister and I like to talk in different accents for the night.
I believe kindness is underrated.
Because I am deathly afraid, one day I want to swim with sharks.
I am a romantic and I love love, which is why I started photographing weddings.




When Love Happens Far, Far Away

I offer full destination wedding services, please contact me for further details and arrangements.