Modern Calgary Photographer

Modern Calgary Photographer

I was going through some old photos and thought I would post some favorites. I feel so lucky to be a photographer, to do what I love. What an amazing journey it has been…many ups and a few downs but always growing and learning. I am excited for this year and all of the wonderful people I will get to meet and photograph!

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Calgary / Banff Family & Wedding Photography

Capturing Memories, Not Photographs

Welcome to Shae J Photography, specialists in wedding and family photography in Calgary and Banff!

Shae J Photography is about so much more than simply taking a photo. It's about capturing moments that tell the story of your life. Photos that are natural and show your true essence, your personality, and your individuality.

Working with you, I take the time to understand your unique ideas and hopes for your photos, turning them into a work of art. Your finished photos will inspire memories of your special moments.

Photography Specialties
To ensure that your photos capture your uniqueness, you deserve a photographer who is truly specialized in understanding your hopes...not just for your photos, but for your life. With Shae J Photography, you get just that, a photographer who will capture your hope. Please view our gallery to see stories of our clients.

Your Personal Landscape
To capture more than just a photo, I have focused my photography skills to include the natural landscape of Calgary, Banff, and surrounding areas. By understanding the nooks and crannies of these locations, your photos will be enhanced by your surroundings. From the alleys of downtown Calgary to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains in Banff, your desired photo shoot location will be realized. After all, part of your vision for the perfect wedding or family photo rests on finding the perfect location.

Capture your perfect moments and have memories for a lifetime with Shae J Photography. Let's talk  about how Shae J Photography can help you achieve your photography vision today!


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